When God Comes Out (Psalm 80:1-2) // Sunday, August 14, 2022

When God Comes Out (Psalm 80:1-2) // Sunday, August 14, 2022

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No In-Person Worship for the month of August!

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THROWBACK SERVICE!: #GetWell Mental Health Series

This service is a throwback to March 2021 when Inglewood First UMC hosted its first Get Well Mental Health Series. If you want to learn how to build stronger mental and spiritual health through breathing, then join us!!!!

This service opens with a devotion from Pastor Victor on what Jesus teaches us about the importance of breath and breathing. Next is a practical seminar from the Tree Yoga Cooperative of Los Angeles (https://thetreeyogacoop.org) on what steps we can take breathe with sacred intention.

Join us! Breathe like Jesus!! Click here for more information and materials: https://www.inglewoodfirst.org/breathwork.

Opening Prayer

We gather here today to grow, learn and change as a group. As we begin our Bible study, we ask that you help all of us to gain a better understanding of your truth. We lay down our hearts, minds and lives before you. We ask that you move among us and help us to feel safe with one another: to think, ask for help and to question. Helps us to share our life with you and grow in our knowledge of your Word. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

Scripture: Psalm 80:1-2 (Common English Bible)

Shepherd of Israel, listen!
    You, the one who leads Joseph as if he were a sheep.
    You, who are enthroned upon the winged heavenly creatures.
Show yourself before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh!
    Wake up your power!
    Come to save us!


In the Bible, Selah is “a pause to breathe in new life.” Taking time to rest is a biblical requisite for holiness. In God, we we find our rest and recovery for tomorrow.

In this scripture, the Psalmist beckons Israel to look to God for power and strength. In God, we recover and “wake up” to power and salvation.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is a word, phrase or image that comes to mind when you read or hear the text?
  2. The text says God is the shepherd of Israel and leads Joseph “as if he were sheep.” Joseph, who is supposed to be a leader to Israel is only a sheep to God. Even the leaders, Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh, must surrender to God as their Shepherd. What does God want you to surrender in order for God to truly be your shepherd?
  3. What does this scripture teach you about surrender?
  4. What does God invite you to do, change or be through this passage?

Discipleship Huddle Questions:

  • How is it with your soul?
  • How does your soul prosper?

Closing Prayer

God of all nations, you call your church to be a light on a hill. Empower us to be the church you call us to be. Give us not only the words to speak life but also the hands of comfort and the arms of care that others might discover they are known and loved by you. Amen.