Remember. Renew. Revive! (Isaiah 40:31) // Sunday, July 31, 2022

Remember. Renew. Revive! (Isaiah 40:31) // Sunday, July 31, 2022

Although we are back on-campus for worship, you, your family and friends may connect to our worship service on Zoom by clicking HERE or you can join us on YouTube at!

Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. J. Lavon Kincaid

The Reverend Dr. Kincaid, Sr. is a native of the twin City of Bristol TN / VA and his adopted City Atlanta, GA. He accepted the call to Christian Ministry at the tender age of 16. He was assigned as student Pastor of the West Market Street Methodist in  Johnson City, TN at the age of 17 while a senior at Slater High School in Bristol, TN.

Dr. Kincaid has served with districting as Pastor of nine (9) United Methodist Churches during his illustrious career of over 55 years. He has served as a pastor in churches in Atlanta, GA, Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO. and Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of two major Books in Stewardship and he has written many articles and papers on financial money management and tithing. He is a Certified Church Administrator.

Dr. Kincaid became the first African American Director of Stewardship, General Board of Discipleship Nashville, TN from 1979 to 1985. In this position, he traveled through the United States teaching and preaching Stewardship and Evangelism. He has traveled to over five (5) continents including; Africa, Europe, Cuba, South Korea and France.

In 1985 upon receiving his Doctor of Ministry Degree Bishop W. T. Handy Appointed Dr. Kincaid, Pastor of the over 1,000 member historic Union Memorial United Methodist Church in St. Louis, MO. The church grew in members and financially during his administration as pastor, many youth and families joined the church.

In 1991 Dr. Kincaid was appointed the first African American District Superintendent in the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. He served in this position for eight (8) years overseeing 65 Churches in the Pittsburgh East District. Following this position, Dr. Kincaid was appointed the first African American Bishops Assistant for eight (8) years.

In 2011, Dr. Kincaid celebrated 50 years in Ministry and continued as Pastor of the fast-growing Multi-Ethnic Laketon Heights U.M.C., Penn Hills, Pa. until 2013, at which time he retired. He was then lead by God to organize a New Congregation to be known as the NEW LIFE COMMUNITY MINISTRIES OF PENN HILLS, PA, becoming Pastor and Founder. He continues to serve as founding Pastor of New Life Church until the present.

Grace UMC prepares for Sunday worship by reading the scripture for the coming Sunday’s sermon. Below, you fill find questions that can be used for Bible Study, small groups or personal devotion. Let the scripture speak in to your life! Expect great things!

Opening Prayer

We gather here today to grow, learn and change as a group. As we begin our Bible study, we ask that you help all of us to gain a better understanding of your truth. We lay down our hearts, minds and lives before you. We ask that you move among us and help us to feel safe with one another: to think, ask for help and to question. Helps us to share our life with you and grow in our knowledge of your Word. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

Scripture: Isaiah 40:31 (Common English Bible)

but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength;
    they will fly up on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not be tired;
    they will walk and not be weary.


The phrase “as above, so below” has many meanings. Among them, “As above”, refers to the spiritual realm and “So below”, refers to the physical world, with the goal that life on earth should resemble the beauty of life eternal.

For our church anniversary, we “wait upon the Lord” to “renew our strength” with vision for the journey ahead! 

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is a word, phrase or image that comes to mind when you read or hear the text?
  2. As we celebrate our history, we look toward our future. The scripture promises that when we wait on God, we won’t get tired. Does that sound possible to you? How can it be that we do not get weary on this journey of life? Does God renew us because of the race behind us, or are we renewed for the race ahead of us? Or both?!?!?
  3. What does this scripture teach you about endurance?
  4. What does God invite you to do, change or be through this passage?

Discipleship Huddle Questions:

  • How is it with your soul?
  • How does your soul prosper?

Closing Prayer

 We give you thanks, Oh God, that your love is more than we could attempt to comprehend. We trust that you are a God of wisdom, truth, and love that has been displayed in the person of Christ and that enlivens us today. Fill us with the fire of your Holy Spirit. Stir up the gift within us. That we may grow in faith in you. Amen.