September in Worship #OnSecondThought

September in Worship #OnSecondThought

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‘On Second Thought’ is a phrase that expresses openness to  “thinking about something again.” We may think we know everything we need to know about faith in God, but every now and then, it’s important to be open to think again. Go to our worship page for more information!

Sunday, September 4 | 13th Sunday After Pentecost
Psalm 139 / “Flattery Will Get You Nowhere”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
Paul gives the church a rubric for assessing whether we are living a spiritual life. When we live in a spirit of gentleness, goodness and love, then though we are still on the “earth below,” we are led by God above.

Sunday, September 11 | 14th Sunday After Pentecost
Exodus 32:11-14 / “A Change of Mind”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
In this passage, God changes God’s mind. God has a second thought. If God can have a change of mind, can we?

Sunday, September 18 | 15th Sunday After Pentecost
John 3:13-17 / “Judgment Free Zone”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
Many Christians use John 3:16 to judge those who aren’t believers. John 3:17, however, reminds us that Jesus came not to judge the world, but that the world may be saved through him. Did Jesus come to judge the world or to save the world?

Sunday, September 25 | 16th Sunday After Pentecost*
Luke 16:19-25 / “What Goes Up, Must Come Down”
In this parable from Jesus, a rich man passes away and expects to make it into heaven. Jesus invites him to “think again.” He may have worked his way up to the top on earth, but it leads to his downfall in the afterlife.

*Men’s Day is postponed until early 2023. Details to come

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September Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all and may heaven smile on you is our prayer!

  • Keven Minor 9,1
  • Andy Smith 9,1
  • Jayson Alex Smith 9,2
  • Myra Mackey 9,4
  • Stephanie Kaba 9,4
  • Jamye Leake 9,5
  • Derek Bias 9,5
  • Sheyla Henderson 9,7
  • Gregory Parker 9,7
  • Linda Yarbrough 9,9
  • Cymone Story 9,10
  • Donielle Daye 9,10
  • Marilyn Walker 9,11
  • Jordan Byrd 9,11
  • Alecia Butler 9,17
  • Ann Hale 9,18
  • Aaron Peters 9,18
  • Yolanda McMillan 9,18
  • Grant Pinto 9,19
  • Ethel Copeland 9,19
  • Caimani Binford 9,20
  • Marquetta Wagle 9,20
  • Ross Johnson 9,20
  • Reginald Fields 9,22
  • Kiya Leake 9,25
  • Jeanna Wagle 9,30

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