Worship available via Social Media, Zoom, Youtube, Facebook or Conference call

This past Sunday was our first Sunday without worship a corporate worship service at 4112 W. Slauson Avenue in more than 70 years…dating back to before there was a structure of any kind on the corner of Slauson and Verdun. Covid-19 has delivered an opportunity for us to reconsider what really matters to us as a community and as individuals. During this time of self-isolation, sheltering in place, and social distancing, we will do all we can to keep you abreast of the lastest developments and keep you connected with others in the Grace Family.

Our efforts to livestream worship via YouTube didn’t work because your pastor was doing too much and failed to click “Go Live.” Those who joined via ZOOM and the call-in numbers were present and heard the word. We do have an audio/video tech coming this week to fix the equipment so it will work as it should, so no problem connecting this week through any of our posted means. I will also be working with your music and worship staff to figure how we might incorporate some original music while we figure our licensing for hymns and other previously recorded/registered music.

We will observe all safety protocols until further notice and all of us can gather safely. Many of us are in at least one of those “vulnerable” categories. That supports our current plan of action that we trust you will support and follow as we chart a care-filled path forward:

  • No in-person worship services, meetings, or rehearsals until further notice.
  • Go to YouTube and search “graceumcla” Subscribe to the Channel and that will make it easiest for you to access it on Sunday at 1045am
  • Go to Facebook and like our new page “GraceUMC” and the sermon will appear at 1045am
  • NO Wednesday Lenten Worship Services.
  • Our Wednesday Noon Bible Study will be 30 minutes online and on the phone.
  • Click HERE on Wednesday at 12p and join the class via ZOOM video.
  • Or call 301 715 8592 and enter access code 169 104 127##
  • No special equipment or knowledge needed.

None of the above options will allow for interaction but it is what is available to us at the moment for me to connect with you and share in prayer, scripture, readings and a homily (short sermon). You will also be able to continue your faithful support of Grace during this time. Please see the 5 Ways of Giving (below).

You can help us by making sure everyone you know who is a part of Grace, actively or marginally, gets this message. Don’t assume they got it. Forward it to them. There will also be a voicemail going out to members, we do not have active phone numbers for all members and some people do not update their info. Don’t assume they will receive a call. Share the information. This is not fake news.

This is a moment in time when we get to claim and proclaim our faith. We get to know that God is God and nothing will shake our trust and faith in the one who made us. We are loved and we are more than conquerors through the one who calls each of us by name.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know EMAIL, CALL, or TEXT me.

Let us be faithful and prayerful.

-Pastor Cedrick


Sunday, March 22nd: Facebook & Youtube
*Do Not Use Conference Call This Sunday


COVID-19 CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Call at least 2 people who’s first or last name begins with letters A, B, C, D, E, or F. Challenge them to do the same.

A PRE-RECORDED VOICEMAIL FROM PASTOR CEDRICK went out to all members. If you did not receive that message, please CLICK HERE and provide your name and number so you can be added to the database. We do not want you to miss any information or notices coming from Grace UMC.

5 Ways to Give: Tithes & Offerrings