Men’s Day Worship, Panel Discussion & Book Signing!

Men’s Day Worship, Panel Discussion & Book Signing!

Men’s Day Worship + 10:45 am

Join us for our first in-person Men’s Day Worship since 2020! On Sunday, February 19, we will welcome guest speaker Romal Tune, author of the recently released book, I Wish My Dad (website).

Romal Tune’s story begins as an inner-city kid from the California Bay area who wasn’t expected to accomplish much. The son of a drug addicted mother and an absentee father, Romal never lived anywhere long enough to call any place home. He learned the “art of the hustle” at an early age. From panhandling on the streets to enlisting in the Army to achieving a masters degree in Divinity from Duke University, he beat the odds that were stacked against him, or so he thought. After a string of successful positions working with some of America’s elite business and political leaders, Romal realized that he needed to face the past and heal the wounds that continued to linger and were keeping him from experiencing the true joy of his success. He never imagined therapy would play a key role in his healing.

I Wish My Dad helps fathers, and their sons talk about difficult dynamics and begin emotional healing. The lessons in these pages will free men to have—and become—the kind of dads they wish for.

Book Discussion & Signing + 1:00 pm

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This event will be a moderated discussion by Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin in conversation with author Romal Tune and Michael-Ray Mathews (Chapter 3).

What do sons wish they had received from their fathers? What might honest, healing conversations between fathers and sons look like?

From author, speaker and social impact entrepreneur Romal Tune, comes this compelling book that shifts the narrative about what it means to be a man and raise emotionally healthy sons.

I Wish My Dad: The Power of Vulnerable Conversations between Fathers and Sons shares the Intimate, vulnerable stories of 17 men and the relationships with their fathers. These engaging stories provide hope and healing especially for relationships that are “complicated.”

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