May With Grace! #Eastertide #ResurrectionSeason #Reset

May With Grace! #Eastertide #ResurrectionSeason #Reset

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In Eastertide, we continue in the season of Resurrection through God in Jesus Christ. With Resurrection comes renewed challenges, renewed hopes and renewed possibilities. In order to seize the day, we must reset to realign with God’s will for our lives. Go to our worship page for more information!

Sunday, May 1 | 3rd Sunday of Easter
John 21:15-19 / “Reset the Table”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
Jesus calls Peter to reset his thinking.  When we care for others, others will care for us.  Let Jesus lead the way.

Sunday, May 8 | 4th Sunday of Easter
Mother’s Day
Psalm 23 + John 10:22-30 / “I Am Blessed, In Spite of Whatever”
Preacher: Pastor Lesa Smith
Like sheep, we may stray, but when we reset our ears to listen for god’s voice and our hearts to follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd promises to walk through the darkest of days with us and lead us to the restful waters

Sunday, May 15 | 5th Sunday of Easter
John 13:31-35 / “A New Commandment”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
Where Jesus is going, the disciples can’t come, but a new commandment resets their relationship with God and one another: Love One Another.  

Sunday, May 22 | 6th Sunday of Easter
John 14:23-29 / “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
Jesus resets his relationship with the disciples, promising them that the Holy Spirit will come to teach them what they need to know and remind them of what they were taught before.  

Sunday, May 29 | 7th Sunday of Easter |
Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month
John 17:20-26 / “We Are One”
Preacher: Rev. Martin Finau, Lead Pastor of Temple City UMC, Temple City, CA
Jesus’ prayer for us is that we be one.  As God and Christ are one. 

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May Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all and may heaven smile on you is our prayer!

  • Emma Lindsey 5,1
  • Betty Willis 5,2
  • Clarke Curry 5,2
  • Layla Kemp 5,3
  • Mary Davison 5,4
  • Justyn Eddins 5,5
  • Abeni Bias 5,6
  • Gary Johnson 5,6
  • Celese Heron 5,7
  • Arvis Porter 5,8
  • Cristalle Sproun 5,12
  • Janette Allmond 5,16
  • Dominic Byrd 5,17
  • Val Davis 5,21
  • Rev. Sylvester Gillespie 5,23
  • Eddie Rowe 5,27
  • Stanley Livingstone 5,27
  • Howard Story 5,27
  • Don Kemp 5,27
  • Tony Rowe 5,28

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