MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the following upcoming events at Grace UMCLA

Church wide “Jubilee ” celebration has started, the 50 year and anniversary of Grace United Methodist Church at 4112 west Slauson.

On July 22, 2018 we will worship and celebrate paying off our renovation loan. Our new senior pastor will be in place and we will have one worship service at 10:45am.

Featured Upcoming Events in November Include:

  1. All Saints Sunday(11-5-17)
  2. Evangelism Faith Walk (11-11-17)
  3. Thanksgiving Day Worship (11-23-17)
  4. Thanksgiving Feeding Ministry (11-24-17)
  5. Church Office Closed (11-24-17 & 11-25-17)
  6. Hanging of the Greens – Church Decorating Party (12-3-17))
  7. Christmas Eve Jazz, Carols and Candlelight Service (12-24-17)

For event details and more events at Grace UMCLA: CLICK HERE