July With Grace! #AsAboveSoBelow

July With Grace! #AsAboveSoBelow

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The phrase “as above, so below” has many meanings. Among them, “As above”, refers to the spiritual realm and “So below”, refers to the physical world, with the goal that life on earth should resemble the beauty of life eternal. Go to our worship page for more information!

Sunday, July 3 | 4th Sunday After Pentecost
Galatians 6:1-10 / “As Above, So Below”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin
Paul gives the church a rubric for assessing whether we are living a spiritual life. When we live in a spirit of gentleness, goodness and love, then though we are still on the “earth below,” we are led by God above.

Sunday, July 10 | 5th Sunday After Pentecost
Amos 7:7-8 / “What Do You See?”
Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Seth Pickens
God gives Amos a vision and it is not pretty!

Sunday, July 17 | 6th Sunday After Pentecost
Luke 10:38-42 / “The Better Part”
Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Jennifer Oliver
Mary and Martha welcome Jesus into their home. Martha is worried that Mary isn’t helping her prepare the house. Jesus teaches that the rituals we observe are secondary to the relationships that give us life.

Sunday, July 24 | 7th Sunday After Pentecost
Luke 11:1-4 / “Your Kingdom Come”
Preacher: Pastor Lesa Smith
When Jesus teaches the disciples to pray, he encourages us to pray for the earth to be more like heaven.  

Sunday, July 31 | Homecoming | 8th Sunday After Pentecost
Isaiah 40:31 / “Remember. Renew. Revive!”
Homecoming Preacher: Rev. Dr. J. Lavon Kincaid,
Ambassador, Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, GA & Pastor, New Life Community Ministries, Penn Hills, PA.

For our church anniversary, we “wait upon the Lord” to “renew our strength” with vision for the journey ahead! 

Pastor Gillespie’s Homegoing Service is on Saturday, July 30 at 10:00 am at Wesley United Methodist Church of Los Angeles. Click here for details.

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July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all and may heaven smile on you is our prayer!

  • LaVivian Taylor 7,1
  • Marc Adderly 7,2
  • Crystal Lanier 7,2
  • Gladys Campbell 7,5
  • Earsirene Hodge 7,6
  • Fionia Dwyer 7,7
  • Nicholas Gillison 7,9
  • Gloria Bias 7,11
  • Allen McGee 7,12
  • Booker Moten 7,17
  • Pastor Lesa Smith 7,18
  • Barbara Salmon 7,20
  • Ronnie Byrd 7,22
  • James Safford 7,23
  • Michelle Stewart 7,27
  • Mary Washington 7,28
  • Lisa Williams 7,28
  • Kimberly Newsom 7,29

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