How do you give back to others?

The most important thing to remember about giving back to others, is that is and should always be selfless.  There is even a joy that can be found when knowing that your act of giving has helped someone.  And even more of a joy when you know that it’s been appreciated.  However, that being said, it is never good to have the mentality of giving to get something.  When you give to others, you should give without expecting anything in return.  The more you practice this, you’ll be amazed how it can change your life forever.

A church is a community of giving

Being a part of a church is like being a part of a community.  A community where you find friendships and opportunities to give.  Be it tithes, offerings, or your volunteer time, you’ll find that your giving helps the church thrive.  One way you might give to the church is by being a part of a ministry.  Ministries often give their time collectively and give church members a since of community through team work.  Here at Grace United Methodist of Los Angeles (GraceUMC), we often give to those in need via our Community Outreach Ministry by providing food to the needy.  If you find yourself having a bad day, I urge you to explore ways in which you can give to someone else.  Giving is almost like a smile; it is contagious.

How to give at GraceUMC?