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Grace Archives and History Committee’s New Publication!

On behalf of our Grace Archives and History Committee, a brand new book is available that shares the untold story of Grace United Methodist Church Los Angeles. “Grace United Methodist Church – Past, Present and Future: 1968-2020” is about our great work and the greatness of God working in and through us in our community for over 50 years!

God has birthed this treasure of a book which highlights our history, our pastors and their families, our ministries, our members as well as our joys, struggles, hard work and dedicated lives.

Each of you are a part of this this book as we celebrate our woven history that brought and keeps us together. Above all, we celebrate growing stronger in the Lord through His grace, mercy and many blessings.

Thank you for purchasing a copy of this book for yourself and a family member or friend. There are two paperback versions: Black & White for $14.95 and color for $24.95. Go to AMAZON.com and enter “Grace United Methodist Church” to place your order today.

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As our community’s safety is still at risk due to Covid-19, events will continue online until further notice.

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