August In Worship #Selah

August In Worship #Selah

Letter from Pastor Victor: Selah Sundays

Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin

In the Bible, Selah is “a pause to breathe in new life.” Taking time to rest is a biblical requisite for holiness. God knows that maintaining hybrid worship experiences for two churches through the pandemic has been a heavy load. With care for the load leaders in both churches have taken on, we were encouraged by our coach to take a “church-wide sabbath.” As such, for the month of August, we will join in joint online only worship experiences with smaller worship teams leading us throughout the month.

For those who have grown accustomed to the earlier worship time, at 8:30 am, Inglewood First UMC will host “throwback” worship experiences from the past two years on its YouTube and Facebook feeds. At 10:45 am, we will join in a joint live worship service with the congregation and community invited to participate via YouTube, Facebook and Grace UMC’s regular Zoom gathering. There will be no in-person worship, but all are encouraged to be in community online by YouTube, Facebook and Zoom!!!!!

This month of sabbath is intended to help us take a “step back” as we prepare to “step forward” for the remainder of the year.

Read more from Pastor Victor’s letter about plans for August and beyond by clicking here…

SELAH SUNDAYS: **Online Only Worship**
No In-Person Worship for the month of August!

Your family and friends may connect to our worship service on Zoom by clicking HERE or you can join us on YouTube at!

Rev. Mark Nakagawa, West District Superintendent

Sunday, August 7 | 9th Sunday After Pentecost
Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16 / “Dynamic Faith”
Guest Preacher: Rev. Mark Nakagawa

Sunday, August 14 | 10th Sunday After Pentecost
Psalm 80:1-2 / “When God Comes Out”
Preacher: Pastor Lesa Smith
God gives Amos a vision and it is not pretty!

Sunday, August 21 | 11th Sunday After Pentecost
Psalm 71:1-6 / “The God Who Brings Us Out”
Preacher: Pastor Lesa Smith

Sunday, August 28 | 12th Sunday After Pentecost
Psalm 81:1 / “Rejoice Out Loud”
Preacher: Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin 

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August Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all and may heaven smile on you is our prayer!

  • Billy Pugh 8,2
  • Paul Hill 8,4
  • Janice Rembert 8,5
  • Tom Atkins 8,6
  • Hugh Brown 8,6
  • Gilda Curry 8,6
  • Sharifa Edwards 8,7
  • Roderick King 8,8
  • Tommy Smith 8,9
  • Christopher Leake 8,10
  • Tammy Salmon-Johnson 8,11
  • Barbara Collier 8,11
  • Shirley King 8,12
  • Alex Gonzo 8,12
  • Marvin Byrd 8,15
  • Simeon Adderly 8,15
  • Randy Washington 8,15
  • Tony Crutchfield 8,15
  • Charles McWells 8,17
  • Denice Daye 8,20
  • Cedrick Bridgeforth 8,20
  • Valerie Spates-Moore 8,21
  • Annette Chelette 8,21
  • Sam Fulton 8,21
  • Winston Chelette 8,22
  • Cathy Creasia 8,25
  • Myrna- Joy Pugh 8,26
  • Lolita Minor 8,27
  • Nhani Cyrus-Franklin 8,30

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